Friday to Friday Facebook Contest!


(The contest runs from Friday, 9/18/14 through Friday, 9/25/14. Open to all–US and International)

Much like naming pets, one of the fun perks of writing books is getting to pick out character names. In A Date with Fate, the first book that I wrote, several of my family and friends picked out names for different characters. That probably helps explain why the names run the gambit from Stella to Mackenzie to Jasmyn. ;}

NAME THAT EVIL BITCH CHARACTER CONTEST is for all of you to have some fun, too! Give me your ideas what the perfect name would be for this new character in my latest book Adieu to Destiny, Vol IV in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod.  To help get your creative juices flowing, I’ve included a brief description below of the character.


Like the contest title states, this character is an evil, little bitch. We’ve all known a girl like her at one time or another–maybe we’ve even been her, but have since changed our bitch-girl ways… On the surface, she appears all happiness and sunshine, but underneath she’s a super-competitive, devious instigator. She’s around twenty-five,  pretty with bouncy blonde hair and bouncier breasts. She has big green, innocent eyes. She is supposedly your friend, and somebody’s girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop her from backstabbing you and licking her lips over your man!

What is this evil bitch’s name?!?


1. The character name entry name must be the first and last name. (And middle name, too, if you like.)

2. The name must be original, NOT an existing character name from another book or movie, etc.

3. You can offer multiple entries.

4. Your entry needs to be made by midnight, 9/25/14 on my FB page in the comment section of this post. (Please no emails)


The winner of the NAME THAT EVIL BITCH CHARACTER CONTEST will be picked by me. The winner will be posted on my FB page next Saturday 9/26/14.

THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE a $15 Gift Card to Amazon and credit for their contribution in the Special Thanks section of Adieu to Destiny. If they are a US resident, when the book is published, they will also receive an autographed trade paperback for their personal book collection.

I look forward to seeing the names you all come up with for this character!

❤ ❤ ❤

Tracy Ellen


5 thoughts on “Friday to Friday Facebook Contest!

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    How fun. Thank you for the opportunity. AKA Becky Parsons.

  2. J says:

    Oh love this! Did it on your Facebook.
    Maybe well get to name a hottie male character next! 🙂

  3. Mary Ann Barr says:


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