Excerpt: A Date with Fate

A Date with Fate

Volume I

“The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”


Tracy Ellen


Excerpt Chapter One…

When agreeing to go on a first date with a man, I always avoid being without a getaway car. I have gratefully escaped early from many brutally boring date nights with this sensible rule. I thought of my day ahead and took a few steps back into the dining room. Luke was at the screen door in the living room, and had it opened.

“Let’s make it eight. Oh, and I prefer to meet you, Luke. I may want to have your children, but I don’t really know you, right? So where shall we meet?”

Luke gave another crack of laughter like I had said something hilarious. “Anabel, I’m picking you up. Eight is fine.” Across the room, he gave me that appraising look again while his fist tapped out a quick, staccato beat on the wooden door frame. Brow creased, he said, “Listen, I’d really like it if you wore a dress tonight.”

Seeing my surprised, wary look at his clothing specifications, a huge grin transformed his harsh face with boyish charm.

He snapped his fingers. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. Tiny, pink panties are optional.”

It was extremely difficult, but except for a small moan of agony and squeezing my eyes so tightly shut I saw stars; I stifled my mortification knowing he had seen my bare ass within five minutes of meeting me. These weren’t just tiny pink panties I was wearing, but a butt-flossing thong.

I opened my eyes to frown very sternly at his smiling face. “Look, Luke, if I break my rule about being picked up can you promise not to dismember me on the first date or worse yet, bore me?”

Pushing the door open, Luke casually shrugged a shoulder. “I never make promises I can’t keep. You may prove irritating.”

I blinked in disbelief. By the time I recovered to retort, I was talking to the screen door. Stunned, I realized Luke really had left. After a moment of taking this in, I started laughing in rare enjoyment. This first date could prove very interesting indeed. I went out on the front porch to the top of the stairs. He was almost at his truck. I called out, “You didn’t even ask me where I live, Mr. Will-of-the-Wisp. You’d better show up!”

He opened the truck door and called back, “Somehow, I don’t think finding you will be difficult.” I could see his confident grin. “You’d better be ready when I get there.”

I have to get in the last word; it’s a failing and a gift. “Let it be on the record; I am very disappointed you have something against tiny, pink panties!”

War-god was laughing behind the light tint of his windshield when, with a final wave; he drove away in my shiny, new truck. I stood on the porch staring unseeingly outside. By my track record, I tend to go out with men who are fun and possess a sense of humor. They generally share the personality trait of being easygoing. Or to rephrase the great Chief Jack Banner, they are pansy-asses that jump through my hoops. They don’t find my rules a problem and they don’t try to control me.

If Luke’s personality matched his persona; this was no docile, nice guy. I didn’t see any voluntary hoop jumping in Luke’s future. Control was his first name and probably his middle name, too.

It was puzzling I felt such an intense attraction to a man I had a sneaking suspicion fit none of my criteria. I snickered to myself; I probably fit none of his, either. I’m most definitely aware that men thrive on the challenge of the hunt. Never before in my dating career have I skipped to the kill and offered myself up on a platter, complete with an apple in my mouth, like I did today.

I laughed out loud recalling the expression on his face. I cheerfully decided it would take more investigation, up close and personal, to unravel this mysterious behavior on my part. I highly doubted I’d prove too easy for war-god Luke, no matter what his thoughts may be right now.

I brightened a little at my next thought. Maybe Luke and I just needed to hit the sheets and I could get it out of my system. Although honestly, I have never before felt such a sexual attraction for a man with no basis on anything but being in his presence for a few minutes. Even after I had a basis of knowing most men, I’ve never felt so…whatever the hell I am feeling. This was off the charts for me, but I wasn’t too concerned.

You can never tell what life may bring. Anticipation of the unknown is half the fun of living. The other half is doing it.



I hope you enjoyed reading this excerpt of A Date with Fate. Should you wish to purchase a copy, click on the links for my Amazon or Barnes and Noble page. Thanks!

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