Excerpt: Courted by Karma, Volume II

Courted By Karma

Volume II

“The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”


Tracy Ellen



Excerpt Chapter 2…

In a second, he was standing right in front of me. I could feel the heat radiating from his body to surround me like the warmth from an open fire. I stepped closer to him, shivering as a blast of cold air blew swirls of loose, icy pellets of snow around us. Luke was wearing a ski jacket over sweat pants and running shoes. His head was bare and his hair spiky. The flashlight was now directing its powerful beam of light down towards our feet, so I only got a brief flash of gleaming eyes and white teeth. Hearing the questioning humor rich in his voice over the blowing wind was no problem.

“So why is this pygmy foot soldier hoofing down my lane the wrong way, and howling like a wild animal calling its pack?” His head moved and I heard a snort. He was taking in Crookie’s steam punk head gear, the long coat, clodhopping boots, and the backpack in my hand.

Poking him in the chest to get his eyes back on my face, I challenged, “Hey Dog, try and guess why I am here!” It was an effort to speak clearly. I think I’m developing lockjaw from a combination of the face slap and frozen muscle hinges in my mouth. Another violent shiver wracked my freezing body uncontrollably.

Luke swore under his breath and said, “Here, hold this.”

Without another word, he deposited the flashlight onto my bent arm. Bending slightly, he picked me up with an arm under my knees and the other around my shoulders. Surprised, I still didn’t make a protest when he held me high against his chest and moved swiftly back down the drive towards his house. I wrapped my free arm around his neck and leaned in close, grateful for his warmth.

Our faces were only an inch apart.  His full lips twitched as I met his eyes. I smiled back and then laid my head down in the crook of his neck. I smelled the faint tang of salt and soap on his warm skin near my lips and knew his hair was spiky from a recent workout. It was a good smell, clean and very masculine. Relaxing in his arms, I was getting aroused by his nearness.

‘Heaven help me, but those pheromones are a deadly chemical weapon. No one man should be allowed to have them in such abundance.’

Luke interrupted my thoughts by prompting, “I give, Anabel. Tell me why you’re here.”

Before answering, I couldn’t resist pressing an open kiss softly against his neck and licking a little to get a taste of his skin. Luke’s arms tightened around me at my touch. I moved my hand up to his ear. My hand didn’t cut off his ability to hear, he wouldn’t like that, but I covered his exposed ear enough to protect it from the cold.

I shivered a third time. This was more of a wiggle-shimmy of anticipation and not a quivering from the cold. “Why, I’m here for Your Turn with a Cherry on the Top, Luke.”

Luke’s response to my words was a slight hesitation in his step. Then he picked up speed and silently carried me faster through the night.

The sex kitten voice stretched and purred in my head, ‘Oh goodie, now it’s finally time to rock his world!’

The frigid wind was whistling Dixie up my bare legs and numbing my ass. I’d also been slapped in the face by a half-naked, Russian woman staying at Luke’s house, which I’ve never seen the inside of yet. However, nobody promised me the road to fulfilling sexual fantasies would be easy. Being humped along like a wounded civilian in the warmth of my Army Hero’s strong arms, this pygmy soldier knew she’d made the right decision to come to Luke’s haunted farmstead tonight. Curling my toes to prevent the heavy boots from slipping off my bouncing feet, I nuzzled my face in Luke’s neck. I grinned at the mean mommy’s begrudging salute of respect.

‘The plan for His Turn is proceeding right on schedule.’


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt for Courted by Karma. Should you wish to purchase, click on the links to my Amazon or Barnes and Noble pages. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Excerpt: Courted by Karma, Volume II

  1. Shalon Borden says:

    I just finished the first book in this series and I am hooked! The ending just made me gasp and then I went to get the second one and realized I didn’t have extra money right now for it. It will be a while before I can get it but just wanted you to know it’s on my wish list and great job do far. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  2. Janet says:

    Can’t wait to read the rest!!!

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