More Amazing Milestones on Amazon for Me!


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I’m so thrilled–I felt like hurling, crying, AND laughing when Amazon posted these latest rankings on my second book, Courted By Karma!  I wanted to share this moment while I could because these are hourly results, LOL, and thank everybody–family, friends, volunteer editors, bloggers,  beta readers, and last but certainly not least, all the readers out there that have contributed to this latest milestone for me as an indie author.  I love writing stories, but I love it even more with all of you along for the ride!! Thank you!


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4.9 out of 5 stars

Spring? Yes, Please!


Is it just me or has this Northern winter been endlessly long and gray?

March is a sneaky bastard of a month. You can’t really go out for a brisk one for fear an innocuous looking mud puddle is really an ice slick waiting to suck you under a parked car and down a storm drain. (Yes, I read “It” by Stephen King a million years ago, and like smart people everywhere, keep a close eye on storm drains.)

I have spring fever, cabin fever, and heck, maybe even Dengue fever for all I know–I swear that was blood AND tears coming out of my eyes when my husband informed me they’re calling for a big snow in a few days…

I dream of summer. I cannot wait to get outdoors. I cannot wait to moan that I am too hot and humid, do compulsive body checks on myself and other for wood ticks, and fret about parasites found in shallow lake water.

In the meantime, I look at pictures of pretty wedding cakes to make me smile, think dirty thoughts to make me happy, and forget everything while writing in the world of my next book. It’s a balmy October there!

Here’s to springtime and getting your hands dirty!


Tracy Ellen

And the two winners of my Goodreads Giveaway are…



Yippee! I’ll be sending autographed trade paperbacks of the first three books in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series to winners on either side of the country! Congrats to Barbara from Las Vegas, NV. and Scott from Garden City, SC. I’ve emailed both of you to expect a package soon in your mailboxes. Thanks to everyone that signed up to win my paperbacks. Want to hear about any future giveaways, contests, or new books I’m publishing? Follow this blog, my twitter, or like my page on Facebook! Cheek!

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