EXCERPT: In Love by Design, Volume III

In Love by Design

Volume III

“The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”


Tracy Ellen

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Excerpt Chapter XI…

His voice was a seductive rumble near my ear and I closed my eyes. “My father told me when a man loves a woman; he thinks he knows what kind of man he is, but to keep that love, he should think harder about the kind of man he wants to be.” Luke’s voice was soft, “I’m still learning what kind of man to be. If I don’t give you the words enough, it’s not because I don’t mean them.”

As I melted at his confession, my own awkwardness with the mushy stuff dissolved. I turned in his arms. First and foremost, I will always love how self-secure Luke is and I smiled up at him in admiration. All of our many flaws be damned, they are nothing when measured against what I feel for this man. I guess I was learning what kind of woman I want to be, as well.

I sighed with pure happiness, not caring for the moment what Luke’s calculating looks meant or why he’s making bad business deals. “I am female, so a few love words are a necessary evil, but my vote is for your actions any day.”

Luke’s irresistible grin broke wide. “Then you and I are always going to understand each other, Anabel.”

Moving against the length of his erection I felt nudging against my belly, I raised my brows in mock surprise and whispered, “Oh my, my. I believe you’re right!”

Luke cupped my cheeks, his lashes fanning over eyes darkening with passion. He leaned down to touch my lips with his, our tongues slowly tasting in a long good morning kiss. His fingers stroked my face. I think it was accurate to blame my fingers stroking up and down between us for what happened next. Luke suddenly broke our kiss and twirled me around. This time his hands didn’t stop at just slipping under the waistband of my sweats. His fists yanked them down to my ankles, along with my organic cotton, pink-and-black striped boy shorts.

Hopefully, Uncle Benny was smiling benevolently down on us as we christened the chrome and Formica table. Hopefully, he was also forgiving of the china plate that just went crashing to the floor, after being systematically jumped across the table and flying off the edge.

My morning workout had begun.


I hope you enjoyed reading this excerpt from In Love by Design. My books can be purchased at all major booksellers, but here’s the link to my Amazon and Barnes and Noble pages. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “EXCERPT: In Love by Design, Volume III

  1. Tracie Schratwieser says:

    Can you please tell me if there will be more books in this series, or does it just end here? I just can’t seem to get enough of Anabel and Luke!

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Hi Tracie! Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, there will be more of Anabel & Luke. Look for the next book to be published in November 2014. You can follow my blog here or like my facebook page to be notified of exact date to be released. ;} Tracy’s FB Page

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