Acadia’s Law is For Sale!

And I DO mean for sale! Grab your ecopy for $1.98 –offer good through Saturday, August 2.

This sale is geared towards all you loyal followers of  “The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod” series!  Offering my newest book, Acadia’s Law, at half-price opening week is my way of saying a big “Thank You!” for reading and loving my previous books.

I also get that a romance readers could be a little leery of trying out the first book in a new series that combines a hot love story with an action-packed viral epidemic. Maybe a story line that contains the words “zombie apocalyptic thriller” raises your eyebrows with skepticism, or maybe even gives you the shivers?!  I want to offer you the opportunity to stretch and try something a little different without stretching your wallet too much.  Take a chance on me—I think (hope) you’ll be happy. Acadia King is a kick-ass heroine! Maybe you’ll even have a new favorite title to add to your list. (Or a new book boyfriend!)  Either way, please let me know what you think of Acadia’s Law: Book One, Undying Love Series.

Happy reading, Everybody!

Tracy Ellen

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11 thoughts on “Acadia’s Law is For Sale!

  1. mrsbritton3 says:

    Reblogged this on mrsbritton3's Blog and commented:
    A great read!!!!!

  2. mrsbritton3 says:

    Just finished reading it, and I just want to say, Congratulations! You’ve started another great series!!!!!!
    I really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait till 2015 for the next book!

  3. Kala Betschart says:

    Just downloaded Acadia’s Law. I can’t wait to read another Tracy Ellen book. I will let you know what I think 😉

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      That’s great, Kala! I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks! ;}

      • Kala Betschart says:

        Just finished reading Acadia’s Law and I loved it. Another great series in the making. I only wish it was March already so I could read the next one.

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        Happy Monday morning, Kala! YAY–thank you! I’m excited you loved Acadia’s Law! Lol, I wish I could write faster. ;}

      • Kala Betschart says:

        I wish you could write faster also! Haha…what do you need? Seriously, I could send you some wine or mixed drinks or whatever!!! Good luck and happy writing 🙂

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        Hahaa, if you sent me booze, first I’d be out causing trouble instead of writing, and then I’d have to go to bed. (Just call me lightweight!) Okay–I’m going to be serious here a minute. So, besides bribes of alcohol, what is the number one way a fan of my writing can help a self-published like me? By writing a quick review on amazon/b&n/goodreads that recommends other readers to buy my books. Then I can eventually work my way towards paying other talented people to do the non-writing, but very time-consuming tasks that surround self-publishing (like PR/marketing/promotions) while I get to concentrate on doing what I love most–writing the damn books! 😉

      • Kala Betschart says:

        Already done

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        I know–you’re the best! Thank you thank you!

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