Acadia’s Law, Book One, Undying Love Series

Coming in July 2014

Acadia’s Law: Book One , Undying Love Series 

–A Contemporary Romance/ Apocalyptic Thriller —

Acadia King is a young widow, dark with despair over the death of her husband two years previous and the heavy burden of running a large farm. At the concerned promptings of friends, Acadia reluctantly agrees to socialize in the hopes of finding a little happiness. How could she know that the same night she finally ventures out to a cocktail bar to meet a date an infection that turns people into violent crazies will begin to sweep across the metro area!

For every person that can empathize with losing a special love and the struggle to find a reason to go on, be prepared for a sensual and exuberant romance! For every person that has ever wondered what they would do if they had a day to get ready for the end of the world, be prepared for the start of a humorous, dark, action-packed, thrill ride!

Acadia’s Law introduces us to an outrageous heroine struggling to find her feet again, an insanely hot hero doing his best to keep her on her back, and an engaging supporting cast of  characters in the apocalyptic world of Acadia King.


Acadia’s Law Sneak Preview of Sample Chapters

Acadia’s Law available for purchase at all major bookseller sites by July 26, 2014



2 thoughts on “Acadia’s Law, Book One, Undying Love Series

  1. Danielle says:

    I just downloaded it to my nook and cant wait to to read it!

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