6 thoughts on “2 Days left in contest to win autographed paperbacks of my series!

  1. Anna Cruzen says:

    I am about half way thru the third book. I am loving the stories. Are you going to write more adventures?

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Hi Anna! Yep, I will definitely be writing another adventure. I’m in the middle of writing a new series, so maybe you’ll like that one, too, when it’s published. ;} I appreciate very much hearing you like my stories. I have a lot of fun writing them. Have a great weekend!

      • Anna Cruzen says:

        I really feel like I am part of the story partly because of my name and the other thing is I can relate to a lot of the things going on in the adventures. 🙂

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        That is so awesome to hear! I hope you relate to the “good” parts with Luke and not with killers after you left and right!?! Or maybe you have a crazy family, too? Lol, it flashed across my mind that your name was the same when I saw it. It’s such a pretty name, too. Best wishes, Anna!

      • Anna Cruzen says:

        Oh I have a crazy ex that will stop at nothing to get the dirt on me. I have other crazy family members some have passed and others are still with us. I will tell you about them sometimes, you might want to add them for some adventures 🙂

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        Sounds wild! I may hold you to that, hahaa.

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