Have you heard of the new Beauties and the book blog?

No? Well then, follow this link!  See the Beauties’ top picks for 2013 Favorite Books to get some great suggestions! Oh yeah, and pay very particular attention to MK’s picks. She is not only a Beauty, but also a discerningly wise, witty, and wondrous book reader/reviewer/blogger. Seriously, we should ALL take MK’s favorite book advice to heart like its from her mouth to God’s ear. I swear the fact MK picked The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series has nothing–NOTHING–to do with what I just wrote about her incredible abilities to pick fun, romantic reads that could possibly make a girl squirm in delight for hours!!  (Yes, I said hours!) Read MK’s favorite picks list–you’ll see I speak the truth and nothing but…

<Big Grin> Thanks, MK! I’m very honored you chose my books.  Best wishes to you and all the other Beauties!


My first book, A Date with Fate, is a FREE eBook download everywhere but Amazon (they are being a stubborn little baby of a company store, but I shan’t give up).




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