Live now! To celebrate the holidays, Read & Share Books Reviews blog is having a SIGNED PAPERBACK giveaway featuring many authors.  I’m excited because my book is included! Check out this link and sign up to win today!  Happy Holidays!

4 thoughts on “READ & SHARE BOOK REVIEWS Blog Giveaway

  1. J says:

    Will definitely read any series you write. You know when you a book flows and it is entertaining it is worth it. Annabel pregnant may be a very funny twist especially with her hottie Luke to amuse us readers through it! Keep writing. All of us fans will read and laugh. Thank you again for being amazing at what you do. I read many books and trust me, not all hit your caliber. Your great, funny and captivating.

  2. J says:

    Did it again! I must say I was so excited to receive my ebook of in Love By Design, couldn’t wait to start it. So I waited until night time knowing it was going to be one of those can’t set down books. I love the writing style of Tracy Ellen. Flirty, fun, fast passed action. You are pulled in again and again. I do really like the connection between Annabel and Luke. It is a great sequel to the other 2. Very good read and finished it in one sitting, of course staying up late thinking just one more chapter! I wouldn’t mind another book with her pregnant or something, including all the friends and maybe spinning off on them a little.

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      WOW–that was fast! Thank you! I really appreciate your review, J., here and on amazon. (Umm…antibotic e.?? Do I want to know what that means? Hahaa, not even knowing–it still made me LMAO!) Anyway, I’m happy you thought book 3 delivered too. Yes, I’ll be writing a fourth Anabel book, thanks for asking, but I’ve just begun working on another story for a new series first. I like your suggestions though. Many women seem to want Anabel pregnant, but honestly, I don’t know if I can be that sadistic…;}

      Have a great week and thanks again!

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