5 Giveaway Winners Picked! Congrats to….

Heather M of Fort Worth, TX , Tammy R of Biloxi, MS, Nickie B of Sharon, PA, Marissa Y-Y of La Plata, MD, and Brooklyn T of Lexington, KY!!! You will all be receiving autographed copies of the first 3 books in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series. Look for delivery in two weeks or so. Thanks to everyone that signed up at Goodreads for a chance to win!
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Happy Thanksgiving!
Tracy Ellen
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email:                   tracy.ellen@aol.com

5 thoughts on “5 Giveaway Winners Picked! Congrats to….

  1. J says:

    All of you readers and fans who have read book one and maybe are thinking of venturing to the 2nd and 3rd? DO IT! Great series with Annabel and Luke. You will not be disappointed.

  2. J says:

    Congrats to the winners. Bummed!

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Hi there J!

      Sorry, but I didn’t see your comment until today. Tell you what–I’d like to make you a deal. It would be my pleasure to send you an eBook gift copy or a paperback (your choice) of book three, In Love by Design, in exchange for your review of the book on this blog or Amazon or Goodreads or Smashwords. If this is okay, can you send me an email ( tracy.ellen@aol.com ) verifying the email or address where I can gift the book to you? I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


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