Why Reading Can Be Scary and How I Fight Back!

Does boredom terrify you? Boredom terrifies me. Thankfully, boredom is rarely around in my life because I  escape into books calling my name before it can get me. In fact, the only time I experience frightened female hysteria is not when dealing with blood and guts, robbers in my house, unruly kids or a particularly illogical man, but when I have time to read and no book. Now that’s an epic disaster!

So, I”ve become a book-prepper. I’ve loaded up with bottled water, Cheese Nips, extra batteries, flashlights, assorted weapons, and lots and lots of books.

Hope I haven’t forgotten anything, and I hope you are reading lots of good books this summer and keeping it sane, too!

4 thoughts on “Why Reading Can Be Scary and How I Fight Back!

  1. Judith Jones says:

    Like Sandy, I also have lots of books waiting for me in my kindle and I go to the library religiously every week, so I have 4 or 5 of those waiting for me. AND I have new glasses, chips & dip, chocolate, my diet cherry coke, so I’m set for a long long time!!
    Keep up the good work, Sunshine.

  2. Sandy Samuel says:

    I make sure I have a lot of choices on hand. My kindle has case to 200 books on it!

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