I am back at it again and looking for Volunteers in all the wrong places!

After completing the writing of Courted by Karma on March 3rd, and then completing the frenzy of last minute editing and formatting to submit the manuscript for eBook and paperback publishing, I was bushed.

My plan was to take at least a month off. First, I deflated the blow-up doll of myself that I’d used to fool everyone into believing I really WAS in the room all along these last three months. Then I reminded certain 3D people that I really DO still exist (like my husband). Well, that didn’t take too long, and after a three-day bender of drunken drepavity, (wait, that was in my head and not in real life, dammit.), I am rarin’ to go!

Book Three in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series is about to begin commencing.

If you are a reader interested in joining my editing team and have some fun pointing out everything I do wrong, reply below or check out the page “Volunteers Wanted! Sign up here.”

**Please, no editing experience is needed. Just a love of books, indie authors, and being bossed around by a short woman with a Mrs. Napoleon complex. (I know! I have no clue who she is either, but somehow, Mrs. N. has my email password!)

13 thoughts on “I am back at it again and looking for Volunteers in all the wrong places!

  1. I’d love to help you with the editing process! Please count me in, I am pretty fond of all of the characters & your writing style!

  2. Cathy says:

    I have just read both Annabel books since Saturday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED them. I was sitting here laughing out loud while reading and I can’t wait for the third book. Thanks for the wonderful stories. Loved Annabel and Loved Luke. I am so excited to join the team on this one!

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Hi Cathy, what an incredibly nice post! Being told I made you laugh and love while reading my stories is just about the best compliment ever. I’m sincerely flattered and blushing a bit here. Thank you very much for letting me know. ;]

      • Sandy Samuel says:

        She’s right though Tracy! The second book was awesome! I do have one question I keep forgetting to ask; why name the chapters after song titles? Don’t get me wrong, the titles fit. I just wonder what made you think to do it.

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        Hi Sandy! Thanks so very much for your review on amazon. The song idea came about since I was listening to so much different music while I wrote A Date with Fate. I kept shaking my head over how eerie it was that songs would just pop into my mind while I wrote. I hadn’t thought of En Vogue in years, but that song “Free Your Mind” started blaring away. I went to YouTube and watched the music video to see if I still liked it as much. Boy, did I. It felt so apropos to what I was writing in the first chapter. Also, I wanted so badly to be up on that catwalk with all those women kicking up my heels that I didn’t care if it had already happened twenty years ago. Sadly, strutting by myself in the living room with a tablecloth around my shoulders somehow just didn’t cut it… Anyway, I accepted being a lead singer/dancer probably wasn’t in the cards and rejoined reality. It just snowballed from there and the song choices are now a really fun part of writing each new chapter.
        Thanks for your interest. ;}

      • Cathy says:

        Hi Tracey, Credit goes where it is due and you definitely deserve it on these books!

      • Tracy Ellen says:

        Hi, Cath. Okay, now I’m positively blushing. Please don’t let it stop! Seriously, thanks a whole bunch.

  3. Terri Lynn Delaney says:

    Ahem – mighty fine man – was thinking of his biceps and other non pg bits…

  4. Terri Lynn Delaney says:

    I loved Courted By Karma! Go Team Luke. Annabel is pretty ballsy and confident in her sexuality but Luke – ah – how I love thee. What a man, what a man, what a mighty fan man – I know, going all girl group here – promised it would never happen…

  5. Sandy Samuel says:

    Count me in! Now that this past school term is over and the spring term is a light load I can do a better job this time!

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