Anabel’s Back…

…and  her life is getting too hot to handle!

Available in March 2013


Courted by Karma is the second volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod and picks up where A Date with Fate left us hanging…Tuesday night at 11:59 and the doorbell’s ringing!

After her last crazy few days, Anabel’s hell-bent on having nothing but a good time during the upcoming Axelrod Women Weekend. Cousin Layla and some friends are flying in from Florida to visit and the girls plan to rock the town!

But first Anabel has to survive Thanksgiving, and Luke Drake.



Frontcover-021913-13-978-1480065956      coverart-ebook-kdp-pub-020513 

A Date with Fate can be purchased through and CreateSpace, an Amazon affiliate. Look for Courted by Karma in March 2013!

A Date with Fate:       Paperback

A Date with Fate: Kindle/eBook

9 thoughts on “Anabel’s Back…

  1. Kit says:

    Loved it! Impatiently anticipating book two. Funny, well developed, characters, good story lines. Cannot believe you left off where you did. Arrrrgh!! (but in a good way, left me wanting more)

    One constructive criticism , the difference between than vs. then.

    For what it’s worth, I think you have great potential. Now I’ll stop patting you on the bak do you can hurry up and finish book two. Wish you huge success!

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Oh man, you didn’t have to stop with the patting! I finished writing Courted by Karma Sunday night! ;}

      Your constructive criticism is appreciated. LOL, I’ve learned that what my brain knows vs. what my fingers type are two different things!

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Kit. It’s worth a lot to me! Hope you love book two. I’m submitting the eBook version to Amazon tomorrow. After that, I’m at their mercy, but it should be available in two days or so!

  2. Tracy Ellen says:

    Thank you so much, Amber! I cannot wait, either. I was thinking more along the lines of a three day binge, but a big blog-style party would get me off to a good start. I have never worked such long hours in my life, nor loved every minute of my work day more. Writing is good, hard fun!

  3. To those Anabel fans, when this book releases, be looking for some fun times with Tracy along with some great giveaways! I know I will be! You may even find some of the sexy fun on my blog next month. Hint Hint!

  4. OOOOooooooo…….. Prelude to naughtiness maybe? I think the cover totally represents….. well I cannot say at this point, but I think you know she is giving him something he can feel! Oh yeah! I can’t wait!

  5. Kat says:

    Oh! *kermit flail* I love the cover! I can’t wait for more Anabel and Luke smexy times 😀
    (((hugs))) Kat

    • Tracy Ellen says:

      Thanks, Ms Kitty! Luke and Anabel are so smexy in this book, I have to constantly remind those two this isn’t just a smex book…


      p.s. I hope smexy means what I think it does. ;}

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