A Date with Fate is a FREE download this weekend!

A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod) eBook/kindle version will be offered for a FREE download on amazon.com this weekend on Saturday 11/24/12 and Sunday 11/25/12.

Check it out and tell your friends.

This is in appreciation (pity party) for all the lovely (insane) people out there I relate to…The people happily cooking (slaving) away for families and friends by putting on a great (dammit) Thanksgiving Day and a fabulous (expensive) dinner. For those of us smiling (grinning maniacally) and enjoying (tolerating) the relatives little (monstrous) quirks and foibles (freakishness) because we love them (yes, indeed) and this needs to be thought of (chanted) regularly as a reminder (brainwashing) of our blessings (accursedness) throughout the holidays (time of torment).

May I suggest carving (not literally) out some time for you (yes, you)? Perhaps pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, (vodka-tall glass), or maybe a warm cup of your favorite bean, (Irish coffee-tall cup), sit down and relax, (horizontally-in bed), and read my book for free? (If you can’t think of anything better to do while doing all of the above.)

If you do read my book (it will make you laugh) and have an opportunity (hear the knock?), please post a quick (two page) review on Amazon, Goodreads, or here on my blog (as a last resort).

Happy Thanksgiving (seriously), Americans (proud to be)!  Let the good times roll (that’s a given)!


7 thoughts on “A Date with Fate is a FREE download this weekend!

  1. MariaSanta says:

    Any idea of this will come out on NOOK?

    • TE says:

      Thanks, Maria, for your interest in my book. At this time, I am selling my eBook only on amazon due to contractual issues. This probably won’t change for a few months.

      If you have a computer (pc or mac, iPad, phone) kindle has a free app that allows you to buy a book in a kindle format and load it onto your device. If you don’t have a computer and don’t want to wait for a few months, my book is available in paperback through amazon.

      If that doesn’t work for you, please drop me a private email at tracy.ellen@aol.com

      We’ll get this straightened out one way or another! No girl should be denied a book they want to read–there should be a law against that sort of torture…

      • MariaSanta says:

        OMG I WANT TO SHOOT myself, i was so wanting to read this book as i got a recommendation from my friend on GoodReads. Ok so i ll break down and download the app to my iPad . I swear they make this so difficult. GRRRRR.. and btw thank you for the response I really appreciate it, sometimes they see the email name and go HUH?
        (now i wont wait till my cruise to read it)

      • TE says:

        I love it! Your email name did catch my eye, so it’s great to hear you are going on a cruise. I only hope it’s on your private yacht. I’ll picture you on the bow (I think that’s the front?) Your hair blowing in the salty, sea breeze and your iPad held high in one hand. You’ll be trying to see the words against the glare from the tropical sun on the screen. When you can’t, I see you cursing up a storm that scares away even the man-eating sharks hungrily circling the vessel. But it doesn’t scare away the man behind the wheel, he just smiles at you while his golden, hoop earring glints in the sun and causes a slight headache behind your left eye.

        He says soothingly with fond indulgence, “Maria, my darling, never fear. I have a much better tale to tell you down in our cabin. I think you’ve had enough sun for one day.” He shoves his cutlass between the spokes to steer the yacht and carries you off. Happy Cruising!

  2. Tasha says:

    I just finished reading the book, and I loved it… but hated the ending. I loved the humor of throughout the story, and did find myself laughing out loud a few times. I also found myself singing some of the songs. Loved that part of the book. I think your a very talented writer, and I can’t wait to read the next book. Please don’t take too long to let us knows what happen next!

    I would love to see things from Luke’s point of view, and I would enjoy it if the “misunderstanding” was cleared up in the first chapter. I hate it when “misunderstandings” drag through half the book. That was one of the things I liked so much about this book. I would like to see Luke and Anabel have more romance and “adventures” of falling in love together in the new book!

    Congratulations and much success on all of Anabel future adventures!

    • TE says:

      Tasha–WOW! Thanks for writing to me. I loved your comments and feedback. The music videos I chose representing each chapter was so fun to think about. They usually inspired the flavor of the chapter!

      Since the first few chapters of Book Two are all ready written, I can say with complete honesty that I also don’t enjoy time-worn, contrived “misunderstandings” being the vehicle a writer uses to move the story along. Thanks for the compliment of seeing that in my writing. But I do love my twists and turns. Real life can often be much kookier than any story, so who needs contrivance? I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked at one of my friends in wonder and said, “Could you even write this and be believed?” after something incredibly bizarre has happened in my life. Like Anabel, I am a magnet for the very weird and crazy.

      The choices I made writing my first book are based on this idea of life being stranger than fiction. Where events aren’t always perfectly explained yet still happen nevertheless. It is about Anabel and her whacky weekend while living her eventful uneventful life. It also is a story of a strange and powerful romance starting to happen in this kingdom of a life she is so content reigning over in somewhat arrogant singleness. (Where romance is concerned, there is nothing I love better than the idea of a hot, smart man who knows his own mind and his experienced way around the female mind and body. Anabel ain’t seen nothin’ yet!)

      This is why I ended the book with Anabel and Luke getting tighter, but far from living happily ever after. Anabel is just not that girl. It wasn’t my intent to create a cliffhanger scenario, believe it or not, as much as it made sense to me their courtship is far from over. I always intended a second book in the Adventures of Anabel and Luke will play a major role–LOL, heaven help the manipulative devil because he is gonna need it!

      • Tasha says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it, and I’m sure the 2nd book will be Fabulous. I’m already imaging the next scene.

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