Welcome to My Blog!

In honor of my first post, I am offering my eBook as a freebie download on amazon.com this weekend, Saturday 10/13/12 and Sunday 10/14/12.

The biggest challenge for a new, self-published author is getting your book out there and noticed. (After your family and friends buy it–thank you, everyone!)

I’m hoping (begging) for reviews ;}

Wish me luck, and please pass this on to your friends.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog!

  1. Mary says:

    Rats. Missed the free download. Guess I’ll go buy one.

  2. Kelly says:

    Ok. I loved the book BUT I have read the last chapter three times and I am still trying to wrap my mind around the ending of this book. Seriously, how could you do this without another book written and waiting to be published? Cruel. Just plain evil. I will read the next book BUT please don’t end the next one with such mystery even if there are plans for a third, forth… You are an excellent writer please keep writing (really quickly…grin).

    • TE says:

      Kelly–LOL, thank you! I swear to God I will write quickly AND not end the second book with such mystery, although I can give no guarantees on the cruel and plain evil…

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Tracey,
    Loved the book, hated the ending. When will the follow up book be coming out?

    • TE says:

      LOL, thanks and I’m sorry. Lisa, again my apologies–this time in advance. I suspect, like me, you are an impatient woman, so you are going to really hate my answer. Please feel free to blame my cousin I mentioned in my blog post ‘A Bedtime Story”. She got first dibs. I asked her if she preferred a novella/short story written from Luke’s perspective specifically about his x-rated first date with Anabel, OR should I start the sequel full length novel? (1-2 months versus 6-7 months time frame) My Cuz has a huge crush on Luke, but likes her men mysteriously hot. She chose door number two. Repeat after me: Anticipation is half the fun. That’s what I always tell myself when chomping at the bit of life…let me know if it works any better for you!

  4. Jolyn says:

    I just finished your book, that I could NOT stop reading. I loved it! You got me at the end!! I cant wait for the next one. In hope their is another one!

    • TE says:

      Jolyn! It’s such a great compliment to say you couldn’t stop reading. Thank you so much! I have a sneaking suspicion that ending is gonna get lots of people. It got me and I wrote it! This book had SUCH a mind of its own and was quite a handful. Hopefully, the next one will be better behaved, but I’m not counting on it.

  5. Tracey B. says:

    Just finished reading your wonderful story!! Loved it, and just like Ashley E., I immediately began searching for info on a second book!! I enjoyed reading it very much and can’t wait to find out what’s in the bag and what Luke’s note says!! Hurry please 🙂

    • TE says:

      Hey, Tracey B., it’s so great you’re excited to read the next book to see what Mr. Tricky’s got up his sleeve. LOL, besides all those mouthwatering muscles, of course. Love your enthusiasm and thanks for loving my book! I’ll hurry, I swear. 😉

  6. Ashley E. says:

    Just finished your book and instantly began searching to find info on when the second will be released!! That ending!! UGHHH lol! I really enjoyed your book! Love Anabel’s dry humor. Such a fun character! Just want to say AWESOME first book! I CAN NOT wait for a second (hopefully there will be one)!

    • TE says:

      I am thrilled you enjoyed the book! It is so cool you took the time to let me know. There is most assuredly another Anabel Adventure in the works. She’d never forgive me if I didn’t. After all, the greedy girl’s got a big, shiny, black, gift bag to open!

      Ashley E., thanks for putting a HUGE grin on my face!

  7. Paige says:

    Tracy!!! Started reading your book and can’t stop. Congratulations to you and I can’t wait to keep reading. =D

    • TE says:

      Hi Paige! Thanks so much for letting me know you like the book so far. Saying you can’t stop reading is music to my little pointed ears. ;}

  8. Teri Gomez says:

    Just got your new novel on Amazon…very excited to read it…will leave review on Amazon…best of wishes on your continued success…now on to your next novel.

    • TE says:

      Thank you, Teri, for getting my book. I hope you have fun reading it, and I can’t wait for your review. I also can’t wait to get onto writing the next book. It woke me up the other night talking to me. I dashed to my office, grabbed a notebook, and quick wrote down a page of dialogue like I was spirit writing. Too bad it was the spirit of a chicken. I couldn’t read the scratch the next day…

      • Julie says:

        Sis..you have to call yourself and leave a message on your voice mail… Lets just hope you don’t speak in tongues… LOL Ciao

      • TE says:


        2.5 questions:

        If I obey and call myself to leave a voice mail, what if I answer? Can I talk to myself, or do I have to disguise my voice, say I have the wrong number, and hang up?

        Are you referring to Jazy-latin, demon, or forked because I’m pretty proficient in all three of those tongues…oh, and Pirate.

        Oh, man, I can’t stop laughing!

  9. Julie says:

    This is a first for me… I have never blogged…… I guess we will be blogging, eh Sista?

    • TE says:

      Yes we will, Sista! Hey, mucho thanks for posting my promotion ad on your face book. So far, I’ve had over 3000 downloads in the US and several hundred in Europe. I’m not sure what to conclude from these stats, LOL, but it sure is fun watching the tallies keep rising as I twirl and skip through the house!

  10. Greg says:

    Congrats and good luck on your new blog!

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